Our company

Our specialization is technical activity in the field of new and reconstruction of existing electroplating industries. High competence of our employees has allowed us to gain a reputation of a reliable partner among domestic enterprises.

Our mission statement is comprehensive approach, that's why we provide our Customers with complete solutions of process tasks of any degree of complexity considering electroplating coatings. When we say so, we mean project development, manufacturing and delivery of equipment needed to prepare metal surfaces for applying both electroplating and paint coatings. It is actually equipment for electroplating as well as equipment for water treatment and purification of sewage resulting from the designed processes. We also perform installation and commissioning of the entire equipment complex, provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of supplied equipment.

We are not limited by types of electroplating lines, dimensions of electroplating tanks and materials they are made of, control systems and electroplating industry automation level. We are experienced in tasks solving from design to turnkey, besides, we develop and manufacture unique samples of both standard and non-standard process equipment according to separate sectors of the specified industries.

Our ventilation, sewage and vented emissions purification systems allow to comply with almost any regional environmental regulations, including pointlessly strict ones.

Also our company has a great experience in creating fully drainless electroplating industries.


  • Design and manufacturing of electroplating equipment of any automation level in compliance with Customer's tasks;
  • Selection, manufacturing and delivery of separate equipment units - electroplating tanksrectifiers, electroplating filters, chemical pumps (pneumatic, rotary), dosing pumps; solution preparation stations;
  • Manufacturing of electroplating tanks and other tanks from contemporary chemical-resistant polymeric and structural materials (PP, PVC or PVDF depending on which solution the Customer uses);
  • Development of plastic ventilation systems, manufacturing of plastic air ducts; supply of flexible air ducts;
  • Installation and commissioning, service maintenance of supplied electroplating lines, supply of spare parts; supply of polypropylene pipes and fittings, sheet flexible PVC;
  • Technical retooling of electroplating lines and areas of both domestic and foreign production;
  • Design and manufacturing of industrial sewage purification facilities;
  • Sewage purification systems installation and commissioning.

Using the best practices of European manufacturers of electroplating equipment and purification facilities, we are always prepared for cooperation in creation of a contemporary industry of any capacity on your enterprise: from laboratory facilities to fully automated systems.