Electric Switchboards and Control Panels

Our company has implemented an automated control system (ACS) with galvanic lines (it is an automated control of auto operators, bath covers, level of solutions and water in wash tanks, bath temperature, pH level of solutions, automatic switching on / off of rectifiers, filter units, bubbling in baths presence of a suspension bracket and many other things), automation of treatment facilities, indication of the operation of ventilation.

The control system of galvanic lines should provide control, signaling, registration and maintenance within the specified limits of technological parameters, with the possibility of their correction. Automation of the system of moving parts along the line is necessary for more effective control of the processing of parts on the lines of electroplating. Automation of auto operators can be included both in the general system of automation of the electroplating line, and exist separately. As a result of the creation of a management system for auto operators, the tasks of increasing the level of safety of production activities, as well as reducing the risks of getting a marriage and the occurrence of contingencies should be solved.

To solve the tasks of visualization, archiving the status of parameters, it is possible to use personal computers (PCs) using SCADA-systems, or use compact operator panels having, for today, a wide range of options. The visualization system allows to provide information in the form of a user-friendly (in the form of schemes and animation of the technological process), controls the correctness of the input data, gives clues about the inconsistency of information, blocks the introduction of erroneous parameters.

Automation by the technological process allows to minimize the influence of the "human factor" during the operation of the equipment, to optimize the technological process with proper quality control of the products.

Automation systems developed and manufactured by our company use both domestic and foreign components and visualization systems, such as Siemens, Aries, etc.
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