Currently, polypropylene and other plastics of the leading European manufacturers are used as main material for the manufacture of modern galvanic equipment. Baths with highly corrosive fluids are additionally lined with sheet PVDF and PVC.

Unfortunately, domestic manufacturers do not produce engineering polymer materials of such quality, so we use engineering plastics and products made of them which are supplied by the leading world manufacturers such as Rochling, Agru, Simona, Georg Fisher and others.

Processing and welding (extrusion, hot air with filler rod, contact) is performed using only professional equipment of foreign production such as LEISTER and ROTHENBERGER.

All pipelines, shut-off and control valves of galvanic lines and treatment facilities are made of polypropylene or other plastics of corresponding chemical resistance.

Chemical, galvanic coatings by the type of treatment

Wastewater treatment facilities and water treatment plants

Вентиляция и очистка воздуха

Tanks and vessels

Auxiliary equipment