Automated control systems

Galvanic lines and treatment plants manufactured by "NGO" process "are equipped with control, monitoring and diagnostics. Selection of the control system is caused in each case the customer needs and the specifics of the process.
Process automation plating and wastewater treatment allows for ease of operation, a continuous process, a light fixture when they change.

Galvanic automated production lines NGO "process" are equipped with Auto Attendant console, portal and suspended type. Programming routes in automated lines does not require the involvement of specialists and can be carried by the operator line. Line operator has an opportunity to change the technological parameters of the process. Automated control system of the line determines the optimum cycle, allowing you to perform multiple processes in parallel on a single line.
Sewage treatment plants are equipped with modern systems of management of processes of neutralization, neutralization, post-treatment, regeneration of sorbents, sludge dewatering. Features of automated process control systems (PCS) on a basis drawn up together with the customer technical specifications the implementation of the tasks of "turnkey", the creation of a single centralized process control systems with the use of modern pro - soft- and hardware logic.

Automated control systems implemented

  • Driving systems move through the details
  • Heating control solutions in the baths (for lines) and tanks (for cameras surface preparation and treatment plants)
  • Pump control mixing, feeding the working solution and the removal of waste liquids
  • Control of liquid level in tanks and tubs, automatic replenishment target levels and alarms, automatic adjustment of the composition of solutions
  • Automatic dosing systems and distribution solutions
  • Control solenoid and motorized valves topping, overflow drain

Ample combinations and configurations of subsystems, components and composition of complex equipment, the control system based on human-machine interface (HMI) and touch operator panels, output of information and registration of parameters and modes of operation of the equipment to remote PCs, communication via GSM and GPRS, remote Management, registration parameters ensures reliable execution of the process. In its work, NPO "Process" uses a versatile and intuitive software SIMATIC S7 company SIEMENS (as well as Russian analogues) on the lower level of automation and SCADA-system package The TRACE MODE 6 (Russia) at the top level. Together they form a complete information system to control modern production in real time.