Electroplating Equipment

Equipment manufactured by «Process» provides convenient operation and maintenance, considering the specific features of structural polypropylene. All equipment is calculated to be firm and stable.

Tanks or electroplating tanks units are provided (depending on the process) with all necessary auxiliary devices, which are, as a rule, integrated into the structure. That includes:

  • water flow meters;
  • water supply dosing pumps;
  • various types of filters;
  • heavy metals extraction modules;
  • degreasing tanks surface cleaning sump tanks;
  • tank temperature adjustment systems;
  • devices for рН level maintenance and solution composition correction;
  • devices for tank medium level adjustment.

Complex lateral exhausts development allows to optimize air flows directions and provide the most comfortable labor conditions while minimizing energy consumption for ventilation equipment operation.

Fluid dynamics parameter consideration makes it possible to provide proper mixing of media inside the tanks using whether air lift or pump mixing.

Bubbler nozzles calculations allows to reduce the compressed air flow rate, while the mixing quality remains good.