Ventilation and Air Purification

Local (process) ventilation systems air ducts and electroplating tanks lateral exhausts are made of structural polypropylene for flange mounting. Local (process) ventilation systems air ducts and lateral exhausts of electroplating tanks for chroming, nitric acid etching and other tanks, which contain high concentrations of oxidizers are made of PVC. It is possible to manufacture air ducts and lateral exhausts from plastic which provides higher temperature and chemical resistance (PVDF).

Air ducts manufactured from polymeric materials are not subject to corrosion, do not require certification and have relatively small weight.

Air duct material provides silencing, which allows to increase the air flow speed together with the corresponding reduction of duct cross section.

Individual air duct developing from polymeric materials allows to provide them with all essential elements for contemporary electroplating equipment operation - inspection junctions, filters, gate valves for correct adjustment of air volume which is abstracted from the galvanising line tanks containing solutions of different composition and, as relevant, requiring different volumes of air to be abstracted.

For drainless electroplating industries and in some other cases, air ducts are equipped with water washing systems.

Alkalized water delivery to drainless lines air ducts allows to reduce consumption for its evaporation through air abstracted from tanks, to neutralize acid fumes and sogasoids in addition to filters and absorption devices, to exclude air ducts scaling.

Air which is abstracted from electroplating tanks is purified by means of absorption devices (removing of chlorohydric acid fumes, fluohydric acid, nitriles) and fibrous filter for sogasoids removal.