Our company produces lines for degreasing, preparation and interoperational processing with various types of automation, depending on customer requirements:

  • manual;
  • mechanized;
  • automatic.

The lines are completed with baths in accordance with the technology of surface preparation of parts submitted by the customer or developed by us. Each bath or galvanic bath unit is equipped (depending on the process) with all the necessary additional devices:

  • systems for replenishing the level of process solutions;
  • rotameters to control water flow during washing operations;
  • filter systems for removing mechanical impurities and (or) grease contaminants of solutions;
  • heating systems and maintaining the temperature of the solution or water;
  • systems for channeling of solutions;
  • ventilation system (slot exhaust, exhaust panels or hoods);
  • dosing pumps to maintain the concentration of additives in process baths;
  • submersible ultrasound modules;
  • eductors for mixing solution in order to obtain the best quality degreasing of the surface of the parts, or to achieve uniform descaling of the parts;
  • nozzles for organizing jet washing of parts;
  • manual or automatic covers;
  • solution mixing systems;
  • various types of sensors (temperature, level, electrical conductivity, etc.).

Our company manufactures degreasing, descaling lines, lines of preparation for painting and interoperational processing lines made of chemically resistant thermoplastics and stainless steels:

  • PP, Polypropylene (produced in Russia);
  • PP, Polypropylene (produced abroad);
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC);
  • lining of the inner walls of steel or polypropylene baths with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).
  • Stainless steel (AISI316, etc.)

When designing the lines, SPA “Process” provides a whole range of technological calculations in specialized programs aimed at ensuring reliable and convenient operation of the entire complex of equipment.