Vent Hoods and Cabinets

Chemical-resistant vent hoods and cabinets, produced by NPO "Process" are based on a steel frame with a protection coating which prevents corrosion and provides stability and steadiness of the structure. Casings are manufactured from polymeric plastics (polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinylidene fluoride) of different chemical and temperature resistance level.

Vent hoods and cabinets can be completed with any auxiliary equipment and fitting in compliance with the Customer's needs. That includes:

- sleeves with shutoff valves for delivery of liquids and/or compressed air;

- pedestals, racks, brackets for equipment fixation, both internally and externally;

- power connection;

- exhaust ventilation connection flanges, etc.

All hoods and cabinets are designed and manufactured specifically for the customer.

Before placing the order, a preliminary consultation with our expert is desired.

Tables for laboratories

Laboratory tables are made of durable metal frame with a chemically resistant coating and polymer work surface. The working surface may be made of the following materials: PP, PVC or PVDF, are inert to acids and alkalis, which in turn ensures the safety of the workplace.

Laboratory galvanizing systems

Laboratory galvanic systems for chemical and electrochemical deposition coatings. The installation consists of a set of baths installed in a common frame. Material Position and electroplating baths is selected depending on the electrolyte composition coating.


  • Electrical systems and cooling
  • The system of mechanical or air agitation
  • Chemical dosing system
  • filtration systems
  • Shaking or tilting mechanism
  • Level sensors, temperature, pH.
  • Airborne suction.
  • The power source

Laboratory cabinets

Laboratory cabinets for the storage of reagents are made from polymeric materials (PP, PVC, PVDF). Additionally it can be equipped with drawers, shelves, a lock and a ventilation system.