Purification Facilities

Not only product quality is important nowadays, but also a possibility to ensure safe and environmentally friendly equipment operation and drainage cleanliness.

Electroplating shops, areas and lines designed and manufactured by NPO "Process" are provided with sewage purification systems, which correspond, both qualitatively and quantitatively, to delivered sewage as well as to regional requirements to purified water quality.

Individual elements of the sewage purification complex are often included into electroplating equipment, and thus the "electroplating industry – purification facilities" system becomes a unified process complex.

Minimization of water consumption for electroplating process and usage of small-sized laminated sump tanks results in decreasing dimensions of purification equipment, which allows to locate it within small areas including immediately near the electroplating lines.

Sewage Purification

Main equipment of the sewage purification system (reactors, tanks, two-stroke laminated sump tanks – individually developed sludge concentrator) is manufactured from polymeric materials. During reconstruction of existing purification facilities high-effective laminated units can be installed inside standard sump tanks owned by the Customer.

Sewage purification system principle is reagent method. Depending on sewage composition, ion exchange resins and other adsorbing substances (both of common and specific designations), flocculant treatment, contemporary compounds for metal complex ions removal and many other agents are used for purification of separate flows or for after purification.