Aerators are designed to saturate water with air in order to intensify wastewater treatment.

Along with wastewater treatment equipment, SPA “Process” produces water aeration plants. The elements are used to redistribute the air pumped by the compressor.

Fine bubble aeration provides the best oxygen saturation of the water. Inside the aeration elements there is a perforated material, passing through the thickness of which air breaks up into a large number of bubbles moving to the surface at high speed.

The most common aerators are the tube and pan-shaped ones. The choice of a specific modification depends on the design and size of the tank used.

Tube aerators

Oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE) in wastewater is a very important characteristic for an aerator. The polymer tube aerators showed the most optimal value of OTE according to the conducted studies. In this regard, they are widely used in autonomous sewage stations. The polymer tube aerators can minimize energy costs for aeration as they ensure fine-bubble aeration (bubbling) and an optimal rate of gas outflow from the aerator opening, which allows achieving a high value of OTE.

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