Skimmers for industrial enterprises

There are special industrial skimmers, which are the devices being designed to collect oils, fats and oil products from the surface of the water or other fluids on a production scale. Over the years, they have been successfully operated in America, Europe and the Eastern countries by both small enterprises and industrial giants in various industries.

There is a fairly wide range of industrial skimmers for removing oil products, oil, grease, solvents and related hydrocarbons from water. Various skimmer models allow removing from 1 to several hundred liters of pollutants from water per hour.

There are both stationary systems and portable ones, which, if necessary, can be reinstalled in any other place with minimal time and effort. Industrial skimmers can be used both independently and in combination with other water treatment equipment, which can effectively solve the problems of wastewater treatment against oil products and other organic pollution. The use of industrial skimmers allows one to upgrade existing treatment plants without heavy financial and time losses.

Most commonly, industrial skimmers can provide the desired level of water treatment themselves. In some situations, using skimmers is a cost-effective way to remove most of the oil/oil products before using more complicated and expensive procedures.

The principle of operation of skimmers

The principle of operation of skimmers is based on specific gravity, surface tension and moving element to remove oil products from the surface of the fluid. Oil products and oils floating on the surface are attracted to the moving element more strongly than water, which is practically not attracted. This allows the moving elements of the skimmer, being in the form of a belt, disk, tube, etc., to pass through the surface of the fluid, collect floating oils and oil products with very little water. This mixture is then removed from the moving elements of the skimmer using an oil scraper or press rollers.

Especially belt skimmers are worth mentioning since it is this type that is most effectively used in production.

The belt skimmers for collecting oil products can be used in almost all industries where there are wastewater treatment plants, various settling tanks, monitoring wells, flushing tanks, etc.; in technological processes where fluids are used for cooling and lubricating industrial and oil products. In addition, the belt skimmers are used to collect oil products in emergency situations in open reservoirs, in wells and shafts to a depth of several tens of meters.

The choice of a skimmer for a particular production depends on a number of factors, which are difficult to figure out without the help of a specialist.

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