Mechanical treatment filters

Mechanical treatment (clarifying) filters are designed to clean fluids from various undissolved impurities, i.e. sand, silt, rust.

Mechanical treatment filters

Filtration rating of mechanical filters is from 1 micron. By design, the mechanical filters are a housing, inside which there is a filter element or a backfill. Flushing may be provided for mechanical filters.

Cartridge filters — the filter element is a replaceable cartridge of a certain porosity.

Mesh filters - a metal or polymer mesh is used as a filter element.

Bag filters – the filter element is a polymer bag of various permeability.

Disc filters – the filter element is a set of discs with channels.

Bed filters - the filter medium is the bed material, when passing through which the solid phase is separated from the liquid one. Different types of materials are used as bed materials depending on the purpose and required performance: quartz sand, gravel, expanded clay, hydroanthracite, calcite, and others.

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