Water treatment plants

Specialists of SPA “Process” possess extensive knowledge in the field of technologies and methods of water treatment, which makes it possible to solve the task as efficiently as possible with minimal capital investments and operational costs on the part of the customer.

Water treatment plants

In water treatment, we implement systems, the functioning of which is based on various methods, starting with such conventional ones as:

  • Lightening and mechanical filtration
  • Contact coagulation
  • Catalytic iron removal
  • Sodium cation exchange and other ion-exchange technologies
  • Sorption technologies

and ending with such advanced methods as:

  • Reverse osmosis water treatment
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Ozonizing
  • Photolytic ozonizing

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SPA “Process” produces unique plants for the photochemical purification and disinfection of water, based on the application of technology for the simultaneous treatment of water with an oxidizing agent (ozone) and ultraviolet radiation. For maximum efficiency of water treatment and disinfection processes, the reaction is carried out in a heterogeneous system of water:

- ozone-oxygen mixture.

The use of photolytic ozonizing technology is determined by a number of advantages:

  • Effective disinfection of water from all types of microbiological contaminants;
  • The possibility of deep, up to complete mineralization, oxidation of any organic compounds;
  • Detoxification of many inorganic compounds contained in water;
  • Ensuring water treatment in a wide range of pollutant concentrations;
  • The best removal of mechanical suspensions, colloidal contaminants, iron ions, heavy metal ions;
  • The absence of contaminants introduced into the treated environment by photochemical methods themselves;
  • Wasteless and reagent-free methods;
  • Compatibility with other treatment methods.

The use of ozone simultaneously with ultraviolet radiation is one of the most advanced water treatment methods that can effectively impact most pollutants of artificial and natural origin with simultaneous disinfection.

The company's specialists will develop systems that meet any specific requirements, based on the quality of the source water, the mode of water consumption and water disposal, the required degree of automation and the required quality of water treatment.