Mobile sumps are intended for separation of two-phase systems, clarification of fluids and clarification of wastewater treatment facilities. They are used in the production of building materials and drinking water treatment plants.



  • Separation of two-phase systems;
  • Clarification of fluids;
  • Clarification of wastewater treatment facilities.


  • Wastewater treatment plants;
  • Production of building materials;
  • Drinking water treatment plants.

Application options

  •  The reconstruction of existing facilities with the replacement of vertical and horizontal sumps;
  •  The equipping of existing sumps with thin-layer blocks;
  •  The installation of thin-layer sumps at newly constructed treatment plants and facilities.


  • The opportunity of selecting modes for the tasks of the customer;
  • A wide range of operating modes, including the batch, continuous and semi-batch ones;
  • The opportunity of clarification of water with micron suspensions;
  • The absence of need for ongoing maintenance;
  • The simplicity of construction;
  • Small dimensions upon high performance (the area occupied by the plant is on average 10-20 times less than for a conventional sump).