Associated Equipment

SPA "Process" realizes integrated supplies of equipment for electroplating shops and areas, areas of parts preparation for painting and for other chemical and electrochemical industries.

Extensive experience of our experts, understanding of production peculiarities, credible relationship with the best domestic and foreign suppliers of reliable and contemporary associated equipment enable us to solve tasks of any complexity and perform integrated supplies for electroplating industries.

Integrated supplies of associated equipment (flexible plastic air ducts, voltage rectifiers, polypropylene pipes and fittings, pumping equipment, sump tanks, filters) provide our Customers with approved and certified equipment, beneficial prices, high-quality service and all necessary professional guidance.

Main Types of Supplied Associated Equipment:

  • contemporary pulsed modular-type rectifiers with a high performance index, not requiring water cooling;
  • special heaters for electroplating industry, including weldless pipe heaters, titanium heaters, fluoroplastic shell heaters;
  • pneumatic (diaphragm) pumps made of polyethylene, polypropylene, fluorine plastic;
  • rotary pumps made of polymeric materials;
  • dosing pumps;
  • cooling systems for anodic oxidation, chroming, zinc electroplating tanks, both internal and external, using approved contemporary coolants;
  • water treatment systems based on reverse osmosis plants;
  • filtration systems for electroplating tanks with mechanical, carbon and oil-attracting cartridges, made of polymeric materials with chemical-resistant pumps and a magnetic coupling;
  • air ducts of local ventilation system from electroplating tanks and lines, manufactured from polypropylene and PVC;
  • structural sheet flexible polymeric materials from the leading European suppliers. Polypropylene pipes and fittings, pipeline systems made of PVC (PVC-C, PVC-U) and PVDF;
  • automated control systems and electrical shields;
  • agent preparation stations;
  • scrubbers.

We are always ready to provide our Customers with qualified assistance during selection and supply of the necessary equipment.