Sump tanks


  • Two-phase systems separation
  • Liquid clarification
  • Purification facilities sewage clarification

Application Area

  • Purification facilities of enterprises
  • Structural materials production
  • Drinking water purification stations

Application Options

  • Existing industries reconstruction involving replacement of vertical and horizontal sump tanks
  • Completing of existing sump tanks with thin-layer units
  • Thin-layer sump tanks installation at newly constructed purification facilities and industries


  • A possibility to select modes in accordance with the Customer's tasks
  • A wide range of operating modes including periodic, continuous and semi-periodic
  • A possibility of clarification of water containing micron slurry
  • No necessity in continuous maintenance
  • Simple design
  • Small dimensions at high productivity (average occupied area is 10–20 times less than for a conventional sump tank)