Plastic Air Ducts

Air ducts are used everywhere where ventilation system is provided and are included in it. Fresh purified air is supplied to rooms and contaminated air is discharged via air ducts.

Plastic air ducts for ventilation are manufactured from polypropylene and polyethylene. These materials are not subject to wear and do not change their color. Plastic air ducts can be of almost any form factor according to Customer's drawings, or if you wish our technical expert can make a selection and perform calculations for your order. Plastic air ducts have very low air resistance, fair heat-insulating and noise-protective features. A great number of adapter fittings available will enable easy assembling of any ventilation system. Plastic air ducts are recommended in case of installation of ventilation systems that are intended to be operated in wet or corrosive medium: in chemical, electroplating industries, food-processing and pharmaceutical industries, etc. Applied plastic is acid and alkali resistant and at the same time it is a light material.

Benefits of Plastic Air Ducts

  • A great benefit of plastic air duct in comparison with metallic ones is complete corrosion "indifference" of the former.
  • Plastic air ducts represent a great price vs. quality ratio.
  • Many indices and technological parameters of plastic air ducts leave metallic ducts behind.

When metal is being processed, abrasion of various degrees on the internal walls of a duct is inevitable. It will significantly increase static resistance of the air flow of the entire ventilation system, which shall be considered in calculations. Air ducts are free from this defect as their manufacturing technology solves this problem.

  • Plastic air ducts for ventilation are completely safe, do not harm people's health and do not emit any hazardous components into air.
  • Long lifetime of the plastic air duct material (more than 20 years without degradation of physical and mechanical features).
  • High level of tightness, no head losses and и air leaks.
  • Smooth inner surface of the duct provides low frictional losses of air against the walls and prevents impurities from depositing during operation, it also reduces noise and energy consumption.
  • Low weight and facilitated installation of plastic air ducts.

Materials we apply (polyethylene, polypropylene) are environmentally pure and firm, they are resistant to corrosive media, watertight, wearproof and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Our plastic air ducts are designed for creation of comfortable conditions in premises of any designation, either it is industrial or utility ventilation.