Regent Preparation Plants

SPA "Process" develops and produces mobile reagent preparation plants with capacity from 0.05 m3 to 3 m3.

Various polymeric materials are used for plants manufacturing: PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PVDF (polyvinylidenefluoride).

These plants allow preparation of required solution before usage in electroplating tanks or other processes. The usage of plant makes it possible to prepare different solutions outside the tanks, use them at all necessary application points, obtain the preset concentration and exclude the possibility of damage of the equipment located in electroplating tanks and other reservoirs as well as save operating time.

The plants can be used for preparation and dosing of coagulants, flocculation agents, solutions from dry solids, brine solutions etc. The plants allow to save up to 20–30% of funds when purchasing the chemicals. In addition, the prepared solutions have the preset process parameters.

A plant is supplied fully-stacked, checked and ready for operation. The plant operates both in automatic and manual modes, with continuous or cyclic preparation of solution. Dilution and dosing occur in one plant.

 The plants for preparation of reagents from dry and liquid products can be fitted with the following equipment:

- Dry reagent charging tank equipped with basket and liquid supply system for dilution;

- Liquid reagent supply system (chemical-resistant pumps);

- Chemical-resistant shutoff valves with necessary pipelines;

- Mechanical mixing system (mixers);

- Solution mixing circulating system;

- Dosing pumps for admixture dosage;

- Heat exchangers;

- Purifying filters;

- Bubblers;

- Electrical heaters;

- Level, temperature, pH, density sensors, etc.;

- Control cabinet;

- Movable support.