Reconstruction and construction of new electroplating industries (shops) and purification facilities always starts with an all-important stage – designing.

The design specifies the economical and ecological basis of electroplating industry existence because the solutions determining the efficiency and ecological safety of production are established during design development:

  • Electroplated coatings program and technology;
  • Nomenclature, fitting-out of the plating equipment;
  • Air and sewage purification technology;
  • Production automation level;
  • Occupational safety measures.

At the design stage it is possible to define and calculate all expenses of an electroplating industry and reduce costs for the finished product; this plays an important role in economics of an enterprise.

 A proper design saves not only the enterprise budget but the environment of the region within which the designed object is located. In many cases, professional solutions on ecological safety permit to save the production itself. At that, it is possible to save our environment and, as the result, save money by using contemporary technologies which permit to ensure the drainless electroplating industry.

SPA "Process" offers you to develop and implement the optimized design solutions of technical retooling, reconstruction or creation of a new ready-to-operate industry (from a design to commissioning) developed based on the design assignment (prepared by Customer or together with him) and survey of the existing industries.

Upon agreement and approval of the proposed technical solutions we develop the design documentation from pre-design proposals to working documentation. When the development of design documentation is completed we perform the necessary works on approval of design documentation in supervisory authorities, obtaining of approval documents and execution of designer's supervising while implementing the project.

SPA "Process" has a design works permit; the enterprise experts are certified in the area of chemical industries design.