Polyolefin Flexible Air Ducts

Industrial air ducts produced from polymeric polyolefin film are multi-purpose and characterized by mechanical strength, chemical resistance, low gas and moisture permeability and high abrasive resistance.

Application Areas of Flexible Air Ducts:

In industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems, local exhaust units and filters. Suction and charging of medium and large-sized abrasive substances (chips, saw dust, fibers). Ventilation and removal of chemical vapors at electroplating lines for pharmaceutical industries and manufacturing of plastic products.

Structure of Flexible Air Ducts:

Polyolefin-based polymeric film on a helical metal frame.

Main Specifications of Flexible Air Ducts:

  • Air duct inner diameter: from 75 to 315 mm;
  • Wall thickness between coils: 0.5 mm;
  • Operating temperature: from - 20°С to + 90°С;
  • Standard hose length: 10 m (for an individual order – from 2 to 15 m);
  • Weight of a flexible air duct: from 400 to 1230 g/m lin. (depending on the diameter).