PVC Flexible Air Ducts

Commonly used industrial air ducts have high abrasive resistance and belong to highly-flammable class of materials.

Application Area:

In industrial ventilation and air-conditioning systems, local exhaust units and filters for elimination of fine fraction abrasive, chips and saw dust. Ventilation and removal of chemical vapors at electroplating lines for pharmaceutical industries and manufacturing of plastic products.

Structure of a PVC flexible air duct:

Fire-proof polyester cloth with two-side PVC coating on a spiral metallic frame.

Main Specifications of PVC Flexible Air Ducts:

  • Air duct inner diameter: from 40 to 315 mm;
  • Wall thickness between coils: 0.3 mm;
  • Operating temperature: from -20 to +70°С;
  • Standard hose length: 10 m (for an individual order – from 2 to 15 m);
  • Weight of PVC flexible air duct: from 220 to 450 g/m lin. (depending on the diameter).