Polymeric Materials

Rochling Engineering Plastics (Germany) sheet polypropylene has many attributes, which provides its advantage compared to a series of other materials. Due to these unique consumer appeal sheet polypropylene is widely used in various spheres.

Main features of polypropylene:

• Safe for health;

• Resistant to atmospheric effects;

• Low hygroscopic property;

• Easy to process and install;

• High stress limit;

• High chemical resistance;

• Low current conductivity;

• Good welding capacity.

 Sheet polypropylene manufactured by Rochling is used in chemical industry (purification facilities, tanks and vessels, plastic air ducts), in construction industry (pools, drain channels), in food-processing industry (food vessels).

 Polypropylene sheets can be joint using various methods:

- Mechanically (polypropylene sheets bolted or riveted joints);

- Gluing;

- Welding, polyfuse welding (ends of parts that need to be joint are heated until a certain temperature is reached and then are pressed to each other).

 The assortment of Rochling products offered by our company includes:

• Rochling sheet polypropylene of sizes (3000 x 1500 and 4000 x 1500), various colors and various thicknesses (from 2 to 40 mm);

• Rochling polypropylene wire of various colors with round, delta and oval cross sections.